About us

Techspeed Bendkowski, Mazur Sp.j. was founded in year 2009 in Poland as commercial company focused on wire processing market. As the result of dynamic development, the complex and wide offer was built. Besides the commercial activity, Techspeed run also a production of own products. We manufacture the devices for measuring the pull force of crimped connections. Soon the new machines for taping and bundling of the wire harnesses will be released. Additionally, the automation of different processed connected to wire processing can be proposed. Currently the company is also active on foreign markets where the own products, machines from other producers who we represent as well as professional service are offered.

Techspeed offer contains:

– pull force devices,

– taping and bundling machines – coming soon,

– cut, cut & strip machines and peripheral systems,

– monitoring systems for crimping process,

– resistance welding machines for non-ferrous metals,

– automation of processes connected to wire processing.

TELEFON: +48 32 363 66 00
Office and Warehouse
Szopienicka 64
40-431 Katowice
Wróblewskiego 22
40-214 Katowice
+48 32 363 66 00