Techspeed Bendkowski, Mazur sp. j. Powrót

Techspeed is a company that was founded on the basis of many years of experience of two professionals in the cable processing industry. Starting their activity, they cooperated with several manufacturers of machines and devices for processing cables and cable bundles. Over the years, the company’s offer grew, until it was decided to create its own machines and devices. In close cooperation with suppliers, new, better technical solutions are constantly sought for the ongoing and constantly changing production tasks.

That is why PT, TM and BM machines and devices were created. In addition, unique machines and automation solutions are designed in the field of production related to cable processing. These machines, as well as serial devices, guarantee high quality, reliability, well-thought-out design and ease of use at an affordable price.

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Wybrane urządzenia producenta

  • Techspeed PT 110
    Motorized, benchtop device for measuring pull force of crimped and welded connections in range up to 1000 N
  • Techspeed BM 50
    Device for cable bundling, insulating and marking.
  • Techspeed TM 300
    Top of the line - fully programmable belt driven machine for precise bandaging.
  • Techspeed TM 200
    Bandaging machine with linear feed transport.
  • Techspeed TM 100
    Universal device for wire harnesses taping

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