KM Corporate Contact ST5

Automatic machine for processing of cables with cross section up to 6 mm2


With its capacity to accommodate up to 5 processing stations, the CONTACT ST5 can be the excellent solution to customer’s need. The CONTACT ST5 can produce standard both end crimping, double-crimp connections with three different terminals or apply seals or sleeve on one or both end of the wire. The user interface is designed for a very quick and friendly data input. All processing positions and associated parameters are programmable and all data can be stored ensuring the adjusting and programming times to minimum.

Our range Contact can be equipped with a variety of options that offers the highest degrees of flexibility, so to meet the customer’s specific needs; crimping units (20 kN or 30 kN) can be integrated with a crimping force monitoring to guarantee a perfect quality and at the same time to give information about the production. Our system doesn’t reduce in any way the piece output of the machine.

Seal insertion unit or sleeve attachment unit can be mounted on this range as well as the twisting device or tinning station with integral flux unit. Another option available is dual device that allows double crimp connections in either a horizontal or a vertical arrangement, as required. The machine can be equipped with a wire feeding system by four rollers (standard feature) or a wire feeding system by belts (on request).

Technical Data

Wire cross-section 0,13 – 6 mm2
Stripping length 0-15 mm (option 30 mm) – Side 1
0-15 mm – Side 2
Wire length min. 60 mm (option 30 mm)
max. 99 m
Wire feeding speed max. 8 m/s (with belt feeding system )
max. 12 m/s (with roller feeding system)
Weight 1100 kg
Power and air supply 400 V / 50-60 Hz
6/7 bar
Dimensions 3450 x 2350 x 1750mm


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