KM Corporate KM3012

Programmable in-line stripper crimper for wires with max. cross section of 4 mm2


KM3012 is the electronic version of stripper crimper for performing stripping and crimping operations, but with completely programmable and actuated settings. The machine can store in memory all the working settings by means of a touch-screen user interface which allows a quick setup. The machine can perform zero-cut operations and trimming, ideal for processing of wires with small cross-sections. The cycle start command may be given both, by the sensor or by pedal (included as standard).

The creation of job parameter pages may be done offline and uploaded thereafter by means of a USB flash drive. The machine is prepared for remote connection for diagnostics in case of alarms.

As standard feature, KM3012 is equipped with fine adjusting, quick-change clamping system of the miniapplicator, function for automatic cleaning of cutting knives, carrier strip chopper device and scrap vacuum system and lighting of the working area. On request, model KM3012 can be delivered with crimp force monitoring, bad crimping cutter device and can be customised for special works.

Technical Data

Crimping force20 kN (2 tons)
Wire cross-sectionup to 4 mm2 (AWG 12)
up to 6 mm2 (AWG 10) – only crimping
Max. stripping length10 mm
Min. wire length25 mm
Stroke40 mm
Lower dead center132 – maks. 137 mm
Power supply230 V – 50/60 Hz
Compressed air supply6 bar


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