Strunk – Resistance hard-soldering / Welding with hard-solder

Welding systems with solder / braze feeders for connecting of materials with different properties


If the melting points of two join partners or their material properties diverge to such an extent that a reliable connection at constant quality is difficult to achieve, STRUNK uses additives for your application, which are automatically added to the welding process. By adding application-specific solders extremely high peel adhesion and separating forces with minimum variance are achieved. Made connections have also top-level electrical properties. The process sequences specifically developed by STRUNK and the handling of the solder materials guarantee maximum process reliability with monitoring from the manual workstation through to complete automation. STRUNK solder feeds are equipped with motor-driven unwinders with loop control as well as incremental and sensory monitoring of the solder quantity and position. Special handling systems guarantee positions and dimensional stability with maximum accuracy.


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