Techspeed BM 50

Device for cable bundling, insulating and marking.


BM 50 is a highly versatile machine for cable bundling, insulating and marking.

Its design allows the use of various tape widths up to 50 mm and processing cables with a diameter of up to 20 mm. The components used and well thought out handling guarantee easy achievement of high-quality results. The design of the device assure reliable, stable and very safe use, and also offers a reduction of production costs.

BM 50 is the first device in the family with variety of add-ons. Additional equipment is available on request. It can allow insulation of one-sided splice connections, setting a smaller tape width or the option of using the bundling head as an insulation-bundling station in the technological line.

Technical Data:

Application bundling, insulating and marking
Wire harness diameter max. 16 mm
Width of tape max. 50 mm
Head rotation speed 0 – 1000 rpm; stepless control, max rotation speed can be set independently.
Type of tape all available machine tapes
Dimensions (W x D x H) 485 x 685 x 507 mm
Weight 55 kg
Supply 230V/10A , compressed air 6 bar.


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