Wire processing

Large assortment of devices and machine for different operations on single, multicore and flat cables as well as wire harnesses. Our portfolio includes simple units for basic operations, semi-automated machines as well as fully-automated systems. All proposed machines are of the best quality and guarantees a high level of repeatability and quality.

  • Cut

    Universal cutting machines for variety of materials, like: cables, pipes, shrinking tubes, rubber profiles, corrugated tubes and many other.

  • Cut and Strip
    Cut and Strip

    Solid and programmable cut & strip machines for single, multicore and flat cables. The offer include outstanding machines for multicore, non-shielded cables.

  • Cut, strip and terminate
    Cut, strip and terminate

    Fully automatic machines for series production of single cables. The machines are equipped according the process needs in different processing stations.

  • Striping

    Devices for removing the outer sheath from single- and multi-core cables and removing isolation from individual internal cables.

  • Crimp

    Miniapplicators for terminals from reel matching to variety of standard presses as well as crimping presses with different force and stripper-crimpers.

  • Wire and cable harness taping
    Wire and cable harness taping

    Machines and devices for cable or wire harnesses taping (wrapping). It can be done using linear devices, taping around the cable or harness with constant feed speed. On the other end is cable, wire harnesses bundling, fixing and insulating locally.

  • Quality control
    Quality control

    Wide range of crimp force monitors include the simple as well as complex systems. Also the modern pull testing devices made by TECHSPEED are offered here.

  • Peripherals

    Dereelers, feeding units, stackers and coilers which enables to build the full production line together with cut, cut & strip of fully automatic machines.

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