KM Corporate KM1110

Bench crimping unit with force of 1,5 ton.


KM1110 is a bench crimping unit with cast iron structure for reduction of strains under load during the work. Its particular 45° shape is considered the most versatile shape for all adjustments and maintenance works to be carried out on the miniapplicator.

This model is serially equipped with centesimal adjustment of the Lower Dead Centre, resettable counter, led lamp for working area lighting and two reels holder brackets for eliminating the need for shifting operations with related time loss during miniapplicator changeover.
The transparent shock-proof safety guard guarantees a full view of the working area. Its complete opening allows the replacement and setting of tools in a very easy way and without the removal of any parts.
The setting key to reset the machine is situated in the front side of the unit, this allows the operator not to move from his working position.
On request, the machine can be equipped with a crimp force monitoring system.

Technical Data

Crimping force 15kN (1,5 ton)
Stroke 40 mm
Lower dead center 132 -137 mm
Power supply 230 / 400 V – 50/60 Hz
Weight 80 kg


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