KM Corporate KM3011

In-line stripper crimper for wires with max. cross section of 4 mm2


KM3011 is an “IN LINE” stripper crimper so stripping and crimping operations are made without moving the wire so to guarantee a high stability of the process. The machine is equipped with basic processing programs, with the possibility to store some personalized setups for special process. All machine information and settings are managed by comfortable touch-screen display.

The machine is equipped by a blade retraction device for a safer cable stripping.
KM3011 has been realized with a really compact wire gripper in order to make more approachable the front working area. The safety guard has more practical working window.

As standard feature, KM3011 is equipped with fine adjusting, quick-change clamping system, carrier strip chopper device and scrap vacuum system and lighting of the working area. On request, the machine can be equipped with crimp force monitoring, bad crimping cutter device and special double stripping blades.

Technical Data

Crimping force 20kN (2 tony)
Wire cross-section up to 4 mm2 (AWG 12)
up to 6 mm2 (AWG 10) – only crimping
Min. stripping length 1,8 (opt. from 1,0 to 9,2 mm with short stripping kit)
Max. stripping length 10 mm
Min. wire length 25 mm
Lower dead center 132 – max. 137 mm
Stroke 40 mm
Power supply 230 V – 50/60 Hz
Weight 95 kg


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